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Building Greensburg Technical support is now available in Greensburg from the U.S. Department of Energy to provide residents of Greensburg with assistance related to the energy efficient rebuilding of their homes. DOE has asked NREL and two Building America teams, BSC and IBACOS to work directly with the city, homeowners, builders, subcontractors and other local groups and agencies to assist in the design and construction of homes with higher levels of energy efficiency levels than a basic code complying home. Energy efficient homes cost less to own and operate than standard homes and improve overall housing affordability and durability.

Building Science Corporation (BSC) will be providing a series of onsite workshops to discuss construction details for affordable, efficient homes. The workshops will provide information on affordable, durable and energy-efficient house construction to support builders and residents re-building homes in Greensburg. Interested builders, building officials, and local and state organizations are encouraged to attend. For more information about this free seminar series follow this link or contact Alex Lukachko (BSC) at 978.589.5100.

In addition to the free workshop series provided by BSC, Duncan Prahl, an architect, and John Holton, an architect and engineer, will be available in Greensburg on a regular basis over the next 8 months to provide onsite support. Duncan and John come to us from IBACOS, a company that has been working for DOE and NREL through the Building America Program to develop and implement cost effective energy efficient building techniques across the US. They will be setting up their office in the temporary buildings on Oak St. Duncan and John can be reached at 620-210-0281, or via email at or

The DOE Residential Team, including NREL, BSC, and IBACOS, are here to help make your residential reconstruction projects a success, and are ready to meet with you or your builder to discuss your rebuilding plans.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program is reengineering the American home for energy efficiency and affordability. Building America works with the residential building industry to develop and implement innovative building processes and technologies – innovations that save builders and homeowners millions of dollars in construction and energy costs. This industry-led, cost-shared partnership program uses a systems engineering approach to reduce energy use, utility bills, construction time, and construction waste.

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